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Jan 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
. you can log on to our web site for more about both programs. >> and nfl playoff fever griping the bay area, 49er tickets went on sale, selling .ckets went on sale, selling faster than0@aá/ a sandhya forecast. number of seats available was really limited. fans encouraged to visit ticket exchaimpgz. stub hub or another site if you want to the game. >> who know autos yes. >> jimmy kimmel makes a big move airing after aabc 7 news at 11:00. he says he's excited to go up against his idols but not looking to take away viewer autos two other shows on opposite hours, then, 200 other chanlz. everybody seems to forget. i'm more worried about 200 other channels than i am about nbc and cbs that. is where people are watching television at that time. >> jimmy has a special goodbye to midnight show today in the regular time slot airing starting tomorrow right after our news. he will be followed by night line. >> so politically correct. i want him to take viewer as way. >> right. right. >> we want. >> yes. yes. >> we have big change coming this week. we may see snow flurries here. we'll talk abo
Jan 10, 2013 5:00pm PST
doctor's office, even if they're sick. >>> proof. we have it tonight that nfl superstar junior seau had brain damage. and it's the kind linked to blow after blow to the head. tonight, the abc news/espn exclusive. did his life in football lead to his suicide? >>> wild planet. tonight, the whales take their first step in escaping their prison of ice. and we'll tell you about the massive red wave tearing across the water. what did it do to the people on shore? >>> and surprises and snubs. oscar nominations are in, but we'll tell you what has hollywood buzzing tonight.
Jan 9, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> well, one step closer to nfl getting back on the ice. board of governor as proved a new player contact today. the league's 49 game season expected to startçxc[ january 1h now. sked yulz are still being worked out. new deal splits revenue 50-50 between players and owners. players expected to approve the deal before saturday. >> a local woman's efforts to get a dog treat recalled pays off. today announcing it's recalling its jerky and grillers home style treats. nestle took similar action with its brands. the treats linked to the deaths of 361 pets in the united states. a woman says her dog died after eating the treats after trace amounts of an antibiotic from china, banned in the u.s. were found in the product eecurity firm facing a lawsuitdo after a custodian was sexual assaults, authorities say, at the company. a former security guard at the company is now serving nine years after he raped a former custodian. the victim has now filed a lawsuit claiming both electronic arts and allied security should have known they were doing this and could have prevent add tacks. >> apple ma
Jan 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
length. >>> nfl playoffs. ravensravens and colts, ducked e inspiration bowl. chuck pagano missed 12 games undergoing leukemia treatment. and the final home game for ray lewis who calls this his last ride with. >> going to miss that. the pregame dance. lewis playing in his final home game, an -- a hug for pagano from -- atlantic coe makes it 17-6. fourth quarter, flacco, man coverage on boldin, and antoine gets it. 24-9. just over 5:00 left. fourth and one. graham, the deflection, williams, the pick. luck saves the touchdown but that would seal it. 24-9 baltimore. ravens advance to play denver next saturday. here's ray. >> today was about me giving everything i got and showing people no matter circumstances you may be going through, push through it, and you will encourage somebody. >> you know it. rg iii and the red-hot redskins hosting the seahawks on a win streak. griffin, looking okay. 14-0 washington lead. then seattle locks it up, fourth quarter, trailing by one, marchand lynch enters beast mode with his quarterback leading the way. 21-14. griffin, a lack of mobility on the knee
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4